A Completely New Approach to Skincare.

It’s a fact: Did you know that there are biological differences between skin types? Pigmented skin has different size cellular structures and behaves differently to certain ingredients. Few skincare companies are addressing the specific needs of pigmented skin. While most skin care brands market their products for people of ‘all’ skin types, they’re actually created for and tested on people with light or fair skin.

A Biological Difference in Skin Types

Pigmented skin is often misunderstood. Did you know that pigmented skin includes shades of skin from beige to dark brown? This means that if your ancestral background is Asian, Latin, Hispanic, Mediterranean, European, African or any combination of these, you have pigmented skin. It may surprise you to know that 80% of the population has pigmented skin.

Thankfully, now there’s Skinphonic™. Scientifically tested and proven to be effective for people with pigmented skin.

An Innovation in Skincare

Skinphonic™ is the result of a collaboration between the legendary singer Smokey Robinson, his wife Frances, some of America’s top skincare formulators and renowned skin specialist Dr. Edward Dickerson. The Robinsons’ were unable to find skincare products that adequately addressed their needs.

These skincare scientists and formulators found a solution based on the biological needs of pigmented skin. They went to work to first develop and then prove a solution for pigmented skin that wasn’t previously available. The result was a true innovation in skincare.

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Every day, the environment
damages your skin.

Although pigmented skin helps protect from environmental
factors, it is still susceptible to issues like:

  • Dark spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Enlarged or clogged pores
  • Roughness or dullness
  • And more!

Get your skin in tune with its natural rhythm.

Our Skinphonic formulations can help your skin:

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“When Smokey Robinson and his wife Frances asked me to be the Chief Medical Director at Skinphonic™, my reply was ‘When do I start?’ With my prior service as a military surgeon and experience as a recognized aesthetic clinician, I’ve devoted my career to advancing the health of all skin types. An ethnically diverse group of our patients used the Skinphonic™ products under clinical conditions and the majority of users saw healthier, brighter looking skin in as little as two weeks. I encourage you to add Skinphonic™ to your skincare regimen.” *

-Dr. Edward Dickerson, Chief Medical Director

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Rediscover your skin’s natural rhythm today!

Rediscover your skin’s natural rhythm today!

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