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Skinphonic : Skinphonic

A Completely New Approach to Skincare

The Skinphonic™ team took on the challenge of developing a skincare solution for aging skin for men and women.

“When you get results like this in less than 2 – 4 weeks without irritation, you truly have something special” Dr. Ed Dickerson 




An Innovation in Skincare

Skinphonic™ is the result of a collaboration of some of America’s top skincare formulators and renowned skin specialist Dr. Edward Dickerson. 

These skincare scientists and formulators found a solution based on the biological needs of aging skin. They went to work to develop a skincare regimen that is effective, easy to use and prices fair to average consumer. The result was a true innovation in skincare.


Real skincare success stories


“When the Skinphonic™ leadership team asked me to be the Chief Medical Director, my reply was ‘When do I start?’ With my prior service as a military surgeon and experience as a recognized aesthetic clinician, I’ve devoted my career to advancing the health of all skin types. In my private based practice I see all skin types and when you have a product that works as well as ours and doesn’t cause irritation, you have something special. During our clinical trial, the majority of users saw healthier, brighter looking skin in as little as two weeks. I encourage you to add Skinphonic™ to your skincare regimen.” *

-Dr. Edward Dickerson, Chief Medical Director