About Us

Who is Skinphonic

Skinphonic is a company founded to provide skincare solutions to those previously unrepresented in skincare. Our clinically proven results speak for themselves, but the difference you’ll notice right away is an increase in your confidence and self-esteem throughout your daily life. At Skinphonic, we want you to look as good as you feel.

Our Origin Story

Skinphonic was born when Smokey and Frances Robinson were disappointed in the quality of the skincare products they had available to them. They sought the help of some of America’s top skincare formulators to find a solution. The team began development on the products that eventually became Get Ready and My Girl. With high standards Smokey and Frances tested the products and they were pleased with the results. In every product, Skinphonic carries on the same pursuit of excellence Smokey and Frances seek in their everyday lives.

Our Secret

While normal skincare products focus on a single area of concern, filling up your medicine cabinet with tons of creams, cleansers, and washes, Skinphonic uses a simple 2-step system. With our method, you’ll be able to have healthier looking, softer and brighter skin. The AM Hydration, Twice Daily Cleanser and PM Treatment Complex work to revitalize your skin, smooth wrinkles, and make the signs of age less noticeable along the way.