Clinical Results

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96% Of those tested saw positive results in just 2 weeks!*

My Girl™ and Get Ready™ are different because we have taken a new approach to skincare by addressing the needs of pigmented skin types. If your skin is between beige and dark brown, My Girl™ and Get Ready™ are for you. Don’t just take our word for it listen to real people who have gotten positive results using the My Girl™ and Get Ready™ product regimen.

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An Innovation in Skincare

Skinphonic™ is the result of a collaboration between the legendary singer Smokey Robinson, his wife Frances, some of America’s top skincare formulators and renowned skin specialist Dr. Edward Dickerson. The Robinsons’ were unable to find skincare products that adequately addressed their needs.

These skincare scientists and formulators found a solution based on the biological needs of pigmented skin. They went to work to first develop and then prove a solution for pigmented skin that wasn’t previously available. The result was a true innovation in skincare.