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Serums: The Most Overlooked Acne Products That Will Change Your Life

“Take it from someone who’s tried everything: Serums are an effective acne solution. The star ingredient in this gentle-but-effective acne serum is…”

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Reader’s Digest

Which One Works Best—Body Butter, Body Lotion, Or Body Oil?

“We’re demystifying the differences between our favorite moisturizing products, so you can grab the right bottle, tube, or tub at the right time…”

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Cosmoplitan Magazine

20 #BlackGirlMagic Beauty Products That Every Woman Of Color Needs

“Skinphonic points out that women with darker skin tones have different size cellular structures, which causes their skin to react differently to certain ingredients…”

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Happi Magazine

New Eye Therapy From Skinphonic

“Skinphonic has new My Girl Intensive Eye Therapy that addresses puffy skin, sags and bags, dark circles and fine lines around the eyes…”

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Teen Vogue

Best Travel Skincare Routines For Holiday Vacations

“…The tissue is damaged through oxidative stress, making skin highly sensitive with an added loss of vitality,” says Dr. Sergio Nacht, the skin biologist behind Skinphonic’s new anti-pollution skincare line…

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BeautyNews NYC Online Magazine

Metro Man: Top 6 Must-Haves This October

Following are this month’s leading products and must-have items for men who take grooming, hygiene and their appearance very seriously to look and be at the top of their game…

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InTouch Rugby Magazine

Summer May Be Over, But For Many Men…

For those who have more mature skin, these signs of sun damage are often harder to treat. Skinphonic, the brand new skincare system created by the inventor of Alpha Hydroxy…

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