Major Causes of Adult Acne

Life is full of little surprises some are in the form of happiness, while others are in the form of adult acne. There is nothing more harrowing when you reach and adult age and think those days of puberty acne will finally be gone, only to find out that they are here to stay.

Rest assured, you are not alone, many adult men and women are plagued with acne and have the common misconception that there is no escape. In order to truly understand adult acne it is imperative that we first understand the root cause of these pimples and zits. Some of the most common causes of adult acne are mentioned below,

    • Hormones

Raging hormones or fluctuating hormones is considered to be the most common cause of adult acne, and is completely out of control of the adult. Changes in hormone levels before women’s menstrual cycle and men’s fluctuations in testosterones is the root cause for Cystic acne that is formed on the neck, back and the face.

    • Stress levels

Another cause of adult acne and often accelerates the formation of acne is high stress levels. When you are under a lot of stress the adrenal gland releases hormones to counter the negative effects of stress. These hormones cause the skin to become oilier which gives more room for adult acne to prevail.

    • Air Pollution

The environment we live in also plays a substantial role in the formation of acne. The air is full of debris and dust particles that form a dirty layer around the skin. This extra layer of dirt causes our skin to react, and then results in severe forms of acne.

    • Skin Care products

This may come as a surprise to you but those skin care products that you use to battle acne might even be the root cause of your situation.  Everyone’s skin is different and everyone reacts to stimuli in different ways, your skin might be allergic to the components of these products or it simply might not accept these products. Skin care products for women and skin care products for even tone also cause adult acne for many people, so make sure you read the ingredients before applying them!

    • Deserts

Eating a lot of deserts these days? Is your sweet tooth getting the better of you? Well your sugar cravings can also be the root cause of your acne. When the sugar levels in our bodies increases, it also increases the insulin levels which accelerate the formation of adult acne. Rest assured there are ways to control this issue without giving up chocolate!

    • Cosmetics

Ladies, we have some bad news for you, all of those cosmetics that you use to accentuate your beauty might actually be accentuating your acne!  These cosmetics have a variety of ingredients that might be triggering or accelerating the formation of your adult acne. So make sure you only use high quality make up from reputable brands!

By now you must be thinking that everything causes adult acne, well to a certain extent that is true. But for all of these causes there is one solution in the form of Skinphonics line of anti adult acne products, these products have specifically been designed to battle acne effectively and leave you with smoother and softer skin!

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