Real Users

My Girl™

Subject Name – Ann L.

Documented Improvement – Superficial Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Results Period – Baseline vs 2 Weeks

Subject Comments – “After a couple days, I felt I should’ve been doing it all along. It’s easy once you start doing it. I like the way it goes on. You could feel it hydrating your skin.”


Subject Name – Carolyn S.

Documented Improvement – Brighten, Smooth & Clarify

Results Period – Baseline vs 8 Weeks

Subject Comments – “I used to use a lot of heavy powders and foundations to cover up all the imperfections in my skin. Now I don’t hardly have to use any foundation products or powders at all. Most of the time I can just get up, and go out of the house without anything on my face. Before I would never do that, not in probably 20 or 30 years would I have ever done that.”


Subject Name – Tamu B.

Documented Improvement – Lightening & Brightening

Results Period – Baseline vs 2 Weeks

Subject Comments – “My Girl is effective. It works. IT does what it says its going to do. There’s simplicity in it because it wasn’t so many bottles. You buy so many of these products and it’s like “6 products for this and you have to buy 6 sets for this.”


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