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The first thing that I would say, well, ‘It works!’  Secondly, it’s not going to take any extra time out of what you would normally do in terms of your preparation at the beginning or the ending of the day.

My wife actually noticed that my scalp was improving, and she pointed out to me one day at breakfast that ‘hey, you know your scalp is starting to improve!”, so I really started to pay attention after that, and it really has!

Ask your wife!  Give it a shot and see what she has to say!

After about a week, about a week or so I could tell the difference in texture, in blemishes that were clearing up that I had had there for a while, in just a week. And I was somewhat surprised because I would look at it and someone would say, ‘Are you using something on your skin?’, and I’m like ‘Yeah, maybe..’

You know, I didn’t want to admit I was using something different, but I could tell there was a big change, within a week’s time.

Definitely use the Get Ready products because I can’t tell you that there’s anything else on the market that I’ve seen or heard about that works this well.

The first couple of weeks, I was a skeptic, but my skin’s glowing, it looks tighter. You know when I hear people say that, I’m kind of like, “…ok…” you know, because I’m not expecting that from them.

I notice it because I’m looking at myself in the mirror every day when I wash my face, but I wasn’t expecting that from them. So when I hear that I’m like “OK, this really works.”

Why not do something that keeps you looking well and looking healthy. It’s just nice knowing that I’m putting on something and I won’t regret it afterwards. I’m just like most guys, I didn’t use anything. I just woke up, shaved and went to work.

It feels good. It’s just like when you go to the gym, or when you do anything, period. When you start something new and you want to get a result out of it, and if somebody else notices that something is happening, it makes you want to keep using it and it makes you feel good about it.

Once I got in the rhythm of actually doing it, it’s just like been like what I would do every morning. I’d get up, wash my face, get myself ready, and incorporating this into my daily routine and after a couple 5 or 6 days, it was as normal as anything else. It has gotten me ready, I suppose.

I had a couple people compliment me. I don’t know if it’s just because of the glossiness of the shiny outside sunshine we’ve had here, but a couple folks have just sad, you know, “Your face looks like it has a glow to it” so that’s been real positive.

I’m naturally a real positive person, but it is interesting that people you’ve been around before when you go back after you’ve done the treatment that they actually notice a physical difference. It wasn’t an emotional difference that they noticed, just a real natural glow to my skin.

I was hoping to see the spots, the dark spots lighten a little bit in my face, but in addition to that happening, my spots not only got lighter, but my entire complexion got brighter.

I discovered also as far as my shaving that I do every day, it has gotten a lot smoother. I think my skin is a lot smoother. And after each shave now, I just feel like my face is a lot smoother and it looks and feels a lot better.

This is a message to the male community because we don’t think about skincare like other people might. So, the quicker and the faster that we can get the message out that you have an opportunity to take care of yourself now, if maybe you haven’t taken care of your skin before, that it’s not too late, that you still have an opportunity to do that.

My wife noticed it first. She began to immediately see that my skin looked clearer and brighter. She made the comment to me, I didn’t have to share it with her, which is not something she normally does, she’s kind of reserved with those, so it worked out really well.

Once she said that it was all the encouragement I needed to continue.

Don’t be afraid. It works, don’t be afraid. Nobody’s watching. It’s done early in the morning, or in the evening. You don’t have to tell anybody. Just do it and watch the results.

Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t trump your man card or any of that stuff. Don’t be afraid, use the products and you will definitely see results.

I’ve heard my whole life, “sun damage can be serious.” So I’ve had age spots and different things like that. And this was even helping to clear that up as well, which I was really impressed with. I thought they were there for good. It’s really impressive to see the significant change.

Rediscover your skin’s natural rhythm today!

An Innovation in Skincare

Skinphonic™ is the result of a collaboration between the legendary singer Smokey Robinson, his wife Frances, some of America’s top skincare formulators and renowned skin specialist Dr. Edward Dickerson. The Robinsons’ were unable to find skincare products that adequately addressed their needs.

These skincare scientists and formulators found a solution based on the biological needs of pigmented skin. They went to work to first develop and then prove a solution for pigmented skin that wasn’t previously available. The result was a true innovation in skincare.

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