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Keeping my skin moisturized was the issue. The first thing I noticed with my skin is that it was staying moisturized. This was a huge deal for me because I’d had that issue in the past. It’s an easy process, because I’ve used other products that are like a 6-step process: Use this, wipe this, then apply this.

The My Girl system was a very simple process. Cleanse your face. 1, 2 that’s it for the morning. 1, 2 that’s it for the evening. So very easy to follow even if you have a busy schedule. You can get all your products in during the day with little to no time at all.

I can tell the difference just in the photos from where I was a month or so ago to now. Even photos last night at a fund raiser, I was like, “oh ok, I like this!” with little to no makeup on. I was literally going from one thing to the next, or didn’t know about this or that, so just putting some lipstick on in the car and just running with it.

Well my concern was pigmentation – I have hyper pigmentation where I have darker areas and areas that just seem shallow kind of because there’s a darkness to it. That was the biggest problem I had. I have adult acne, that’s one of my issues, and it was able to clear a lot of that up and just make that a little more even for me.

Any time you see change in what you’re looking for, you enjoy it and be thankful for it and I’m definitely thankful for it. I was a little nervous at first but it turned out OK!

My Girl is effective. It works. IT does what it says its going to do. There’s simplicity in it because it wasn’t so many bottles. You buy so many of these products and it’s like “6 products for this and you have to buy 6 sets for this.”

I didn’t have to do that it was a morning and a night. Put it on in the morning and put it on at night, and I’m done. It’s very simple. And because of that I enjoyed that and loved that. That’s what it is for me: simplicity. Because I need that in my life.

We cover up. We hide so much underneath our foundation and our concealers. When you get home, you’re pulling your face off, so to speak; you’re taking your makeup off and exposing yourself. You’re not usually showing your true self to everybody.

But with this I don’t mind making a trip to the grocery store without my makeup on because I can tell the difference. I don’t see those flaws that I’ve always hidden underneath my makeup.

People that don’t normally approach me, or I don’t usually get anyone saying things to me, and I see people noticing me a little bit more.

Sometimes you get down on yourself, so sometimes just getting that extra attention or second look or that double take, you feel like something must have changed.

So far, this is working!

I like the My Girl! I like it a lot! I work at a doctor’s office, and they all say, “oh you have such pretty skin”, “you look so young”, and even the drug rep was like, “What do you use on your skin!?”

My whole face just got onto one sheet of music. Instead of playing different tunes, it’s all just playing one song.

My Girl is great! My Girl has changed the way I feel about myself. This is simple – just two things in the morning. I wash my face every day, so just using the moisturizer and the night cream, it’s so simple.

Compared to what I have tried in the past, because I think I’ve tried everything that’s been made by man, this is just simple, I can do it.

When I wake up in the morning, it’s always positive. Before I was always wearing my hair down in the front trying to cover as much as I can. I will literally pull my hair back just so that I can show my whole face and I have not done that for years.

Other products I used I would have to do a scrub, and then something else, and then something else and THEN a cream. I had a lot of steps to go through.

It’s been amazing, it’s not just another product. I can tell you the after – I’m a whole new person. Confidence – I get compliments from other people other than my husband and they say, “Oh you just looks so radiant and so bright.” I know. I’ve looked in a mirror, and I’ve seen it!

My Girl was just wonderful. I was hoping to get rid of the dead skin around my nose from using other products. I had spots on my cheeks and splotches on my forehead because I work outside a lot teaching P. E. outside.

All of that disappeared! I can’t help but say how pleased I am with it! These products were so easy to apply. Look at me. You want to tell me how good I look? I can tell you that you can look the same way!

I used to use a lot of heavy powders and foundations to cover up all the imperfections in my skin. Now I don’t hardly have to use any foundation products or powders at all.

Most of the time I can just get up, and go out of the house without anything on. Before I would never do that, not in probably 20 or 30 years would I have ever done that.

It was easy. The texture of it felt good just working it onto my face and my neck. My face just feels so matte in the morning. I put it on after the cleanser, and I’m thinking “what is in this jar?”

I put it all over and I have sensitive skin, but it doesn’t irritate my eyes, it doesn’t burn, it doesn’t have a funny smell, I just loved it.

In terms of the aging part of it, in our skin, while I don’t have a lot of wrinkles, but you can tell there are some places on the face where it’s not as cute as it used to be. But with the extra hydration, those places like the folds and around the eyes are not as noticeable to me.

And that’s what’s really important to me, you know? I don’t want to look my age!

Because I see myself every day, I didn’t really notice that there was this huge change, but when other people started commenting that my skin looked better or that I looked like I wasn’t wearing as much makeup as I was before, that made me take another look and say “hmm it does look like it’s improving a bunch,” because it’s nice if you can stand to not wear as much makeup to cover up those skin flaws.

I feel very comfortable using the product. And I think with me, in my profession, constantly being out in the public it helps with my self-esteem because the concerns that I had earlier at the beginning of the program, I certainly don’t have those concerns anymore, so I’m feeling very confident.

There are not any products at that level that work where you can see actual results with women of color. So my overall experience was that of being very satisfied.

Bring Your Skin Back Into Harmony

An Innovation in Skincare

Skinphonic™ is the result of a collaboration between the legendary singer Smokey Robinson, his wife Frances, some of America’s top skincare formulators and renowned skin specialist Dr. Edward Dickerson. The Robinsons’ were unable to find skincare products that adequately addressed their needs.

These skincare scientists and formulators found a solution based on the biological needs of pigmented skin. They went to work to first develop and then prove a solution for pigmented skin that wasn’t previously available. The result was a true innovation in skincare.

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