What Is Pigmented Skin?

Pigmented skin is any skin shade is between beige and dark brown. Another way to gauge is if your ancestral heritage is of African, Asian, Latin, Middle Eastern or European descent or if you are a combination of any of these, you have pigmented skin.

Pigmented skin behaves differently to certain skincare ingredients and many people with pigmented skin have unique skincare concerns such as; hyperpigmentation (blotchy skin), ashy skin, oily or dry skin and age spots. Most of the skincare industry has ignored that there are biological differences between Caucasian skin and pigmented skin and made generic products that do not necessarily address these concerns.

The Skinphonic™ team took on the challenge of developing skincare solutions that solved several common issues facing people of color. By taking a new approach, they formulated a coordinated product regimens for men and women that help improve the overall health of the skin and allows the skin to begin to naturally heal itself. These regimens deliver many benefits at the same time because the products and ingredients work together to help hydrate and restore vibrancy to your skin and help reverse damage caused by sun and environmental exposure.