Which Skin Type are you?

Making the right choice with skin care products starts with first understanding your skin type. Many people do not realize that different products are designed for different skin types, so using a product that does not suit your skin might actually worsen the quality of your skin.

Have you ever noticed that after using skin care products for an even tone or for healthy skin, your skin might glow for awhile but soon a whole array of pimples start showing up? This is because these products are not compatible with your skin type and will not help you battle your skins unique issues. This is exactly why we have articulated a list of the 5 types of skin that are found both in men and women. These types are as follows,

Normal Skin Type

People blessed with a normal skin type can rejoice as your skin is compatible with most skin care products. This type of skin has an even tone and has no sign of any blemishes or pimples, also most skin care products can accentuate the beauty of your skin. This skin type has appropriate circulation and is smooth on the surface!

Oily Skin Type

This skin type is very common and is often considered to be the most troublesome as it leads to many skin issues including acne, black heads, and pimples. The skin’s surface will have lots of oil that is usually a hereditary trait; this means that if you have oily skin you can blame your parents for your troubles. However people with normal skin type can also find traces in their skin due to a variety of reasons, some of the most prominent reasons are mentioned below

  • Stress levels
  • Fluctuating hormones
  • Pregnancy
  • Diet

This skin type if left to its own devices can cause havoc as the oil present in the skin accelerates the formation of dirt particles that cause skin issues. So if you have this skin type, make sure you are using appropriate products to keep these issues at bay.

Dry Skin Type

Another type of skin that is demands high maintenance is dry skin, this skin type cannot retain any of the natural oil that our skin tissues produce, and makes the skin feel rough and uncomfortable. It has a very low level of sebum and the weather also affects the quality of the skin. People with such skin should consider using skin moisturizers on a daily basis, to keep the skin beautiful.

Sensitive Skin Type

People with this skin type have to deal with many different issues including eczema or other allergies, and it is imperative that they use products designed for sensitive skin. Otherwise, these products can weaken the integrity of their skin and can trigger their allergies that will diminish the overall quality of the skin.

Combination Skin Type

Combination skin type is most commonly found in teenagers who are about to reach adulthood. This means that different areas of their skin are comprised of different types. It is very important that such people use the appropriate products in those areas.

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